'50 Tales of Flight' Double Giveaway.


To celebrate the second anniversary of '50 Tales of Flight', The Pilot's Blog has given away the pair of titles in this series in paperback to 5 lucky readers.

The 5 lucky recipients are....

David Fuller
Keith Smith
Norton Weir
Zoe from 'Local Flight East'
Josh Willis

There will be more giveaways in the future, so keep reading 'The Pilot's Blog'

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01-Apr-2015 07:33 PM Bart Edwards

Hi Owen, every year I write a list of goals I want to achieve for the year. One of my goals this year read both of your books. To receive a free copy would be a great start and I love adding aviation books to my collection.

01-Apr-2015 08:11 PM The Pilot's Blog

Thanks Bart....hopefully we can help you meet your goals. :-) Best of luck!

01-Apr-2015 09:17 PM Jeremy Simpson

Would love to add these two to my aviation library Owen.

01-Apr-2015 11:20 PM Nick Montgomery

Just got done reading a book about enemy pilots pursuing each other long after the war and becoming friends. These two would be great books to read next.

02-Apr-2015 12:57 AM John Harrison

I've always loved your writings and enjoy all things you write.
As I will be flying to London early next month, your books would make great in flight reading.

02-Apr-2015 03:06 AM The Pilot's Blog

Hi All,
Thanks for the great comments. Could you please sign up for your free '5 Tales of Flight' or subscribe to The Pilot's Blog as the email addresses in this comments section aren't going into the list for the giveaway. Cheers and thanks.

04-Apr-2015 08:30 AM Daniel Kirby

Hi Owen, thoughrly enjoyed your last book. Hope this 1 is as good as you last!!

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