A Sad Day. By Owen Zupp.

Ryan Campbell

When tragedy strikes any field of endeavour, the effects are far reaching. From personal loss to industry commentary and the maelstrom of social media. For aviation, yesterday was no exception with an accident involving a vintage biplane. What was intended to be a wonderful experience aloft, was dealt a cruel hand by fate and now families are forever changed by the events that have unfolded.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the gentleman that lost his life. No words that can be written here can capture their intense sense of grief, only the most sincere sympathy can be offered.

For the pilot, Ryan Campbell, who is in hospital – stay strong mate. I have been fortunate to follow your achievements to date at close quarters, but it is your qualities as a young man and the example that you have set for others that deserve the greatest accolades. These are the traits that truly define you and will see you overcome the current challenge.

Blue skies and please stay safe.


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