An Incredible Journey.

Join me for the ride.... As I near the end of the manuscript of my father's life, I will begin to share the tale and insights here.

Writing the book has been a true journey for me that has lasted more than a decade as I have tracked his journey from shy country boy, to army commando, through the aftermath of Hiroshima and onto the Korean war where he flew 200 missions as a fighter pilot. And there was still so much more.

One of my most treasured items are the goggles dad was wearing when his canopy was blown off by ground-fire. The frame is badly buckled where a projectile hit him and the rear surface still bears blood stains. Though wounded, he successfully flew back to Kimpo without his canopy. The full story is in the book, but the aftermath that lasted 40 years is fascinating.

In these closing stages, I am looking for readers to cast an eye over certain passages and there will also be an opportunity to see the artefacts related to the story up close and personal. There will also be invitations to special launch events. If you'd like to jump on board with this team, please email me at and simply write 'Korea' in the subject line. I'll subsequently be in touch with further details.



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