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Airbus A320 Simulator


Hi All,

Pardon my recent absence, but I have been  busily training on a new aircraft type; the Airbus A320.

After flying Boeings for the last 20 years, this is quite an experience and one that I will be sharing with you when the final checks are out of the way.

Still, I have missed the opportunity to write and interact with the readers here at 'The Pilot's Blog'. Consequently, I will be starting a series of short blogs that are close to the heart. Brief posts and to the point that I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as I enjoy writing them. After all, they will provide me with a timely reprieve from the text-books. :-)

Check back tonight for the first post in the series.

Thanks again for the ongoing support of my eBooks on Amazon. Even in my 'absence' readers across the world seem to be enjoying the titles at The Pilot's Blog Bookstore.



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