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What is it about flight that captures the imagination? To each individual it may be something different and to define it and concisely frame it with words can be extremely difficult. Thankfully, Brian Terwilliger went a long way to capturing flight’s romance when he created the film, “One Six Right”. Now Brian is set to stir the emotions in an even broader audience with his new film, "Aviation - The Invisible Highway".

In the world of security check points and sterile terminals, the general sentiments associated with flying are those of impatience and frustration. The magic of flight seems to have been lost on the general populous as it has become merely a mundane means to an end. Bleriot, Lindbergh, Hinkler, Kingsford Smith and Earhart are now relegated to the history books, only occasionally surfacing through the modern media. But for so many, the wonder of flight still exists. However, this wonder can be difficult to share with others.

The sensations and emotions elude the vocabulary of most of us and are best defined by experience rather than words. The still camera can capture moments of drama and beauty from the sky, although it is an extremely difficult task to convey all that needs to be said through a single image. Through the medium of motion pictures, the viewer can be placed amongst the clouds. Through clear, crisp perspectives the beauty of flight is enhanced in all three dimensions and the sense of speed becomes tangible. The sky is now within reach.

It is something that Terwilliger achieved brilliantly in "One Six Right", but in this latest offering he has gone even further. He has traversed the globe to create a film that reminds us that not that long ago, flight was merely a dream. And now through its wonder, that same globe is somewhat smaller and migration can be measured in minutes instead of millennia.

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Owen Zupp and Brian Terwilliger.


I have been fortunate to meet Brian, including during his time creating "The Invisible Highway". His passion for flight is incredible and is only matched by his skill behind the camera.Combining the two, the world is set to cast its eyes upon aviation as never before when the film debuts in 2015.

It is a privilege to take to the skies and sometimes we need reminding of the majesty of the sky we venture into. Despite those grand fliers who have gone before, the wonder and the magic has been lost for some. “The Invisible Highway” is set to remind us that flight is not about queues and delays, but the fact that flight is one of mankind's greatest achievements.

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