"Born to Fly" by Ryan Campbell

Solo flight around the world

There is no denying that Ryan Campbell is a remarkable young man. However, after reading his book "Born to Fly", one must wonder which is his most outstanding achievement - being the youngest person to fly solo around the world or writing an exceptional 300 page book.

In "Born to Fly" Ryan takes the reader on not merely a flight, but an adventure. From the spark of inspiration as a youngster, through the trials and tribulations of planning such a mammoth undertaking and finally seeing the planet through the eyes of a young adventurer. Alone in his single-engined aeroplane he conquered the globe.

Written in a relaxed, entertaining style, it is an honest account that balances Ryan's determination with the genuine reservations that surfaced throughout his journey. From a dark transit of the Pacific Ocean to the amazing white crispness of icebergs between Greenland and Iceland. There are flights across ancient lands and exciting rides on a Vespa on the French Riviera. And all of this was achieved by someone who was too young to hire a car in many of the countries that he visited.

This is a tale that will appeal to a broad audience, whether it is a passion for aviation or a sheer sense of adventure, there is something for every reader. "Born to Fly" is a wonderful book that will inspire youngsters to chase their dreams and leave those of us a little older with a slight tinge of envy.

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