‘Taking Flight: Lores Bonney’s Extraordinary Flying Career’

‘Taking Flight: Lores Bonney’s Extraordinary Flying Career’ is the latest offering from the established aviation biographer, Kristen Alexander. In this title she builds further upon her reputation as a meticulous researcher with the ability to convey history in a very readable form.

Lores Bonney's life was indeed extraordinary and her airborne achievements were nothing short of remarkable. Her first flight was with no less than famed aviator Bert Hinkler and like Hinkler, she would undertake her epic flights 'solo'. This was made all the more remarkable given the era in which she lived and a woman's work was most certainly not to conquer the skies. And yet she did.

Perhaps it was this male-dominated era and realm that led to her remarkable efforts being somewhat lost in the wake of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith and his contemporaries. Whatever the reason may be, Kristen Alexander has contributed substantially to the preservation of this great aviatrix's legacy. Aided by personal diaries and documents, Bonney comes alive through the pages.

Further enhancing Alexander's book is its tremendous format. Filled with wonderful images and intriguing artefacts, the book itself lives in both the worlds of biography and the coffee table. This endearing title can be read comfortably from start to finish as a detailed life's tale or be at home as a richly illustrated book that can be revisited time and time again as an inspiring reference.

Bonney was a remarkable aviator and an inspiring woman. Her achievements are now recorded precisely and presented attractively in ‘Taking Flight’ by Kristen Alexander in a fitting tribute to Lores Bonney’s extraordinary flying career.

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