Tragedy from the Skies.

Airline Tragedies. MH17, MH370 


This aviation blog was conceived to share the wonder of flight from a variety of perspectives for everyone from pilots to passengers. Despite its positive goals, there was no mistaking that the shadow of the missing MH370 still existed and then, the day the blog was launched, MH17 was taken from the skies. Now the headlines are filled with tragedy once more.

A TransAsia Airways ATR airliner (Flight GE222) has crashed in the Penghu Islands off the coast of Taiwan claiming more than 40 lives, while the TV screen has just flashed that contact has been lost with an Algerian jet (Flight AH5017) over Africa with over 100 souls on board. And a Beech Bonanza has crashed of Pago Pago as the teenage pilot and his father were attempting a record-breaking charity flight. The loss of passengers and crew over this last week has come at such a rapid-fire pace and has left the world on its heels.

Beyond the headlines is a loss of life that spans the globe. It touches distant strangers and shatters families and futures. Even though a mine collapse in a remote region can kill hundreds upon hundreds, the image of smoking wreckage and singed tail fin will always draw more media attention. It always has and it always will. Man’s broader fascination with flight seems to have shifted from hoisting pioneer aviators onto their shoulders to tragedy, shock and awe.

Its everyday miracle of defying gravity and shrinking our globe is too often overlooked. Let’s all hope that these days of chaos subside and that air travel can once again be discussed without images of loss being foremost on our mind. Until that time, our thoughts will remain with those that have passed into the blue skies beyond. Rest in Peace.

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