Where aren't the US airlines flying after MH17?

 US Airlines. Where are they flying now after MH17?
IMAGE: The Washington Post


Where are the US airlines not flying after MH17?

Following the tragedy over the Ukraine, world airlines and aviation’s governing bodies alike are reviewing the risk to airliners associated with potentially dangerous regions across the globe. It is a process that has always been undertaken, but the events over the Ukraine have changed the landscape forever.

From July 18th, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expanded its restrictions for US aircraft around the world in the wake of the loss of MH17. (see the diagram above) Areas are either ‘Prohibited’ (Red) or ‘Potentially Hostile Regions’ (Amber). Many of these zones were already defined prior to the tragedy.

This issue was well covered in the Washington Post where this map was sourced. Further reading and a detailed description relating to each zone can be found on the FAA’s website at https://www.faa.gov

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20-Jul-2014 08:47 PM CK

Funny that Israel and the West Bank are fine to fly over

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