Unapproved Aerobatics. A Fatal Flight. By Owen Zupp.

Cirrus SR-22 Fatal Crash

(A Cirrus SR-22. Image Source: Wiki)

A Fatal Flight.


This chilling animation is from YouTube and apparently produced by the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association form flight data collected from the wreckage of a SR22. There is a lot of aviation content on the internet these days but this one carries a particularly relevant message for all pilots. Please watch this and then read on....



The NTSB report relates that the two occupants aged 23 and 34 were killed attempting aerobatics in the Cirrus SR-22T. A witness reported seeing the aircraft pitch up from level flight to a 30-degree nose up attitude before rolling inverted, reversing the roll and then impacting the ground in a steep nose-down attitude.

Flying from the right-hand seat, the 34 year old commercially-rated pilot, had flown a series of steep turns, low passes and one roll at low-level that which he was able to successfully execute. The aircraft was not approved for aerobatics. At times this flight took the two occupants down to a height of only 40 feet above ground level.

This accident raises numerous points for discussion, but not judgement. I’m interested in your comments.

Please watch the animation one more time....





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